As a consumer, there is nothing quite as scary as a recall on food the average person may have in their refrigerator or pantry. With the recent recalls in the produce industry like those associated with Blue Bell and Dole, many consumers are enlightening themselves on food safety protocols. These recalls have caused the FDA to change the guidelines and regulations for food safety by implementing FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act). This will be in effect by April of 2017 and any food suppliers and/or transportation services will either have to be compliant with these changes or shut down business. Non-compliance can also result in massive consequences and penalties. When the regulations come into-affect, every vendor, receiver, shipper, and carrier will be held accountable. Documentation for the life cycle and handling of the food product will need to be maintained and easily accessible.

At Central Marketing Transport Services, we are staying ahead of the competition. CMTS is already compliant with these new food safety regulations rolled out by FSMA. Documenting in detail how the product is handled is a primary factor in FSMA compliance and this documentation must be handed over within 24 hours if audited by the FDA. CMTS knows the process of the produce industry from start to finish and holds its drivers to the maximum standards to continually have great client satisfaction. Dan Elsener states, “We have partnerships that include dairy and meat manufactures, produce distributors, and storage facilities. Having these partnerships and industry knowledge has positioned us to be a leader in not only helping our customers navigate these rules, but our drivers and partners as well.” With this change taking effect for everyone in the near future, CMTS is on board and ready to go when the FDA rolls them out in April 2017.