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We are committed to forging long lasting relationships with our carriers. As a company that owns our own trucks, CMTS Logistics understands the relationship between a carrier and a logistics provider should never be a one-sided relationship, it must benefit both parties. That is why we treat our carriers with the utmost respect at all times. At CMTS Logistics you are not just another transaction!  Standard Payment Terms are 21 days and we also offer several affordable Quick Pay options.

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Captive Capacity

Tired of being treated like another spot board transaction, negotiating rates for the same lane every day? Our Captive Capacity program may be exactly what you have been looking for. By combining our customers dedicated truckload and partial movements CMTS Logistics will provide your company with greater fleet optimization, increased revenues, improved carrier retention, while under either seasonal or long term contracts.  Only carriers with impeccable service records and great CSA scores are allowed into the Captive Capacity program. Once the qualification process is complete we match high volume customers up with Captive Capacity carriers that fit that lanes criteria.


  • Drop trailer opportunities
  • Pre-planned routes
  • Dedicated load boards
  • Unbeatable quick pay


Let our Captive Capacity program work for you!

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