Whether you’re shipping one box or a truck load, CMTS Logistics can take care of your critical shipment.


From one box of car parts to a whole carrier full of medical supplies, we are the right choice to ensure a safe shipment.  CMTS Logistics is the expert logistics provider in automotive, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals.

Ground Services

We are here for all of your ground services needs.  Knowing that some customers have time-sensitive shipments, our ground services offer low costs and on-time delivery.  Trust our professionals to have your freight delivered securely.

Air Charter

We can meet your requirements with our air charter services.  CMTS Logistics can address any problem you may face with shipping your freight by providing ground-breaking concepts, being professional, and always reliable.


CMTS Logistics offers freight management software that is easy to use, customized to each client, and allows you to track your shipment!  We also offer reporting based on what you may require including carrier activity and traffic lane analysis.


Yes, we know trucks.