In the 1980s in the New York metropolitan area, there are were reports that garbage trucks were being used to transport food.  This was not something that was considered to be common, so Congress created the Sanitary Food Transportation Act in 1990.  The SFTA “directs the Department of Transportation to prescribe regulations regarding the transportation of food and food additives in motor and rail vehicles that are used to transport nonfood products that would make food/additives unsafe.”  DOT created a rule in 1993, but it hadn’t been made to be implemented until 2005.

Now, thanks to the Food Safety Modernization Act, there is a deadline for the law to be implemented.  The FSMA is a complete renovation of the food safety regulatory structure.  This law is going to guarantee the food source in the United States is safe by changing the attention to preventing contamination.

When asked about the way Central Marketing Transport Services is preparing for this to happen, Danny Elsener responded with “Since we are food and beverage transportation specialists on both the 3PL and asset side of the logistics business, we are already operating with many of these sanitary procedures as part of our standard operating procedures.  The Food Safety Modernization Act rules will bring accountability to a higher level for all parties involved.  We believe that the FSMA will create a great competitive advantage for us against the big-box 3 PLs.  Central Services has the technology needed and we are fine tuning the final processes to be at the forefront of this change.  CMTS has and will always work closely with shippers and partners to make sure that product safety is our number one focus.”

CMTS is always on top of the ever-changing technology and growth of the logistics industry.