IMG_1382The boss.  The office clown.  The lazy one.  The know it all.  The keep to yourself-er.  The enthusiast.  Almost every business of every kind has all of these employees.  Luckily at Central Marketing Transport Services, we have the latter.  Our Operations Manager, Drew Skinner, is very enthusiastic about his job (among his skills with a bo staff).  He is very committed to his team and has a great work ethic.

Drew has been with CMTS since May of 2015.  Some of his responsibilities include load planning, customer service, company safety, hunting, gardening, knitting… but we will not go into those last few.  His favorite part of being Operations Manager is talking to the customers because without them, there would be no CMTS.  He also enjoys the birthday food and fun shenanigans such as playing quidditch when it’s an employee’s birthday.

When asked what his greatest accomplishment has been with Central Marketing Transport Services, Drew said, “My greatest accomplishment has been contributing to the rapid growth that we have been blessed with over the past year.”  He believes CMTS will be “making it rain” in the next five years, continuing their growth with multiple locations fully staffed.