img_6341Netflix and chill?  Netflix, Quidditch, and RUN!  That is more like it.  Central Marketing Transport Services’ Eric Tippy would most definitely agree.  He loves to run, as he competed in the Chicago Marathon in 2014 with a time of 2 hours 58 minutes and 49 seconds.  Eric is proud of that 6 minute 49 second-pace and could totally outrun the slowest person in a zombie apocalypse.  Eric stated “Without the inspiration and coaching from Danny Elsener it would have never been possible.  His drive as a tri-athlete, crossfitter, yoga master, and ironman are quite frankly motivating.  It is all about discipline and denial with that guy.”

Eric played in the 2014 Quidditch World Cup and was named player of the match in one game.  When recounting the competition and his time in sport he claims, “a lot of talk involving Quidditch is about the dividing line that separates the sports enthusiast from the Harry Potter -lifestyle enthusiasts.  I am caught somewhere between.  Somewhere between jock and nerd.”  He was recently named to the IQA and says that is such a huge honor and he was speechless when he found out.

He is also very proud of his recent engagement to Jessica Baker… even though he would love to be Doug Funnie so he could be Quailman and his girlfriend would be Patty Mayonnaise.  (Sorry, Jessica.)

Eric Tippy has been the Load Planner at CMTS for 10 months.  His responsibilities include providing capacity procurement services by developing productive working relationships with transportation providers and providing customized logistics and transportation solutions.  When asked what his favorite part of his job has been, Eric replied with “Developing relationships with partners and growing with our Central Marketing Transport Services team.”  He is looking forward to being part of the process of continued growth for CMTS.  Danny Elsener stated, “Eric is a great addition to our team.  His potential not only in his career but in his life has no ceiling.  He is disciplined and dedicated.”