CMTS Logistics is setting the standard with the most comprehensive software solutions available.

Fully Customizable

We lessen the cost and provide excellent service to our clientele. CMTS Logistics matches each individual customer’s freight to the most appropriate solution for them.  With our free freight management software, you can track your shipment online!

Savings of 10-20%

At CMTS Logistics, our freight management software is custom made to you. It allows you anything from a price assessment to tracking your shipment. It can assure you are handling your shipment in the most proficient and adequate methods conceivable.

Extensive Reporting

We offer custom-made reporting based on what each customer requires.  Our reports can include carrier weight analysis, distribution summary, carrier activity, management summary, customer/vendor summary, and traffic lane analysis.

Easy to Use

CMTS Logistics has a high standard that no other logistics company can come close to.  Being user-friendly makes everything faster and more industrious. This allows for expansion and the capability to do more.