With over 100 years of experience, CMTS Logistics is your ideal partner for produce, meat, dairy, and eggs.


We are experts in refrigerated logistics.  From meat to dairy and eggs, we know how to protect your freight during shipping.  We have access to industry leading technology, including 53ft Space Saver Refrigerated Trailers w/ Satellite Tracking and Two Way Temperature Control.

Food Service Industries

Being a part of the intricate supply chain tactics that help make the food service industry prosperous, CMTS Logistics will monitor your shipment from pick up to drop off to ensure successful delivery.


Less than truckload shipping combines your shipment with other small shipments to allow customers to share the cost of shipping.  We simplify the process with our innovative logistics technology.


We have over 100 years of experience transporting produce from all growing regions of the United States.  Our carriers are experienced and their trucks are well maintained, leading to best-in-class on time service.  We, at CMTS Logistics, are your produce experts in the industry.

Retail Industry

When we are involved, the process is much easier and smoother for you.  Our industry experts will provide you with the best solutions possible.  CMTS will help you manage the seasonality of the business with flexible capacity.

Refrigerated Hazmat

CMTS Logistics offers refrigerated hazmat logistics services.  We will work with you to ensure a compliant, safe, secure transport of your hazardous freight.


Yes, we know trucks.