img_2197What do you think of when someone says Halloween? Probably the same thing most of us do when the holiday is near: witches, trick-or-treating, costumes, scary movie binging, lawn decorations… maybe going to a haunted house or two. Whatever comes to mind, it is usually pretty creepy. That state of mind does not apply for us at Central Marketing Transport Services, especially not this past year. On Halloween 2016, CMTS welcomed our newest team member, Shelby Cleary! It was a happy day here! Shelby is now taking a break from all of her hobbies (volleyball, hunting, riding 4-wheelers, and traveling) to grace us with her presence! “I love to deer hunt and had been a little disappointed with my bow season. It was great to meet and get to know Danny Elsener. He is a master hunter and expert marksman. I was telling him of my issues one day in preparation for gun season in Indiana. He gave me some great pointers and I actually was able to bag my first deer ever. Can’t imagine what next year will bring.”

Shelby is our Business Development Representative and her job is to bring in as many new customers as she can…she is a hunter in a gathering world and ALWAYS goes after what she wants!! Shelby loves her job because she can control her own fate. You may wonder what her greatest accomplishment has been at CMTS… well, it is still too soon to tell, BUT her colleagues would say that her commitment to excellence and willingness to always help out will get her far! When asked where she sees herself in 5 years, she replied with, “Hopefully, as a manager for the Business Development Department for CMTS.”